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Italian grows his ‘sunflower’ | 2020-09-28
Fifty-year-old Italian Diego Signor is a “sunflower” cultivator. He runs Helianthus — which means sunflower — a shop specializing in gelato and pastry in Shenzhen.
A Manchester City supporter's tale of two cities | 2020-09-14
IT was 47 years ago when a 7-year-old English boy, who lived in Gorton, the United Kingdom — a small town that is just a few miles away from Maine Road Football Ground, the former home stadium of Manchester City Football Club between 1923 and 2003, made up his mind to support the “blue team” following his uncle and his elder cousin.
Chinese herbs make difference to US woman | 2020-09-09
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people’s life and work have been seriously affected. Many expats living in Shenzhen are unable to go back to their home countries. Yet the COVID-19 period was a chance for a 25-year-old English teacher, Katy Pawlick from the U.S., to learn about traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).
German restaurateur: SZ is my home | 2020-08-18
Having been away from his home country Germany for 13 years and in Shenzhen for seven years, Jerome Wertz said he does not miss his home at all as Shenzhen is the place he now calls home.
Expats share their SZ stories to mark SEZ’s 40th birthday | 2020-08-13
As the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (SEZ) celebrates the 40th anniversary this year, a number of expats were invited yesterday by the Zhao-shang Subdistrict Office in Nanshan District to sit down and share their stories with the city and the changes they have witnessed along the way at the Shekou Net Valley Party-Mass Service Center.
Italian endeavors to improve her Chinese | 2020-08-10
“I’m willing to try and keep busy” is what Beatrice Vigano stated most frequently during her interview with Shenzhen Daily, which is also her slogan.
Expats offer inputs on intl. block construction | 2020-07-28
You are a Shenzhener once you come to Shenzhen | 2020-07-17
US basketball coach aims high | 2020-07-13
Bennie Mozingo gave the interview to Shenzhen Daily last Tuesday, the only day in a week he doesn’t have to teach basketball.
A Welshman’s role in the social community | 2020-07-06
“Even though Shenzhen is a big city with a big population... you don’t have to be alone,” Joe Macpherson, an outdoor enthusiast from Wales, the United Kingdom, said.