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76-yr-old thanks COVID workers with watermelons
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2022-07-22 09:07


Su Qisheng’s nephew (R) sends watermelons on his behalf Wednesday to anti-COVID workers at Holiday Inn Express near Shenzhen North Railway Station in Longhua District, a designated centralized quarantine hotel where Su once stayed. Nanfang Plus

After a 2,000-kilometer journey, a truck loaded with 100 watermelons pulled up at Holiday Inn Express near Shenzhen North Railway Station in Longhua District on Wednesday.

These refreshments were gifts ordered by Su Qisheng, a 76-year-old Hong Kong resident, for all anti-COVID medics and workers that helped him during quarantine.

On Nov. 21, 2021, Su entered Shenzhen from Hong Kong and checked in at the hotel alone for the 14-day centralized quarantine.

Su felt nervous in the unacquainted environment, was unfamiliar with using a smartphone and couldn’t fill the needed information by himself.

The hotel staffers noticed Su’s situation and patiently helped him with the application form. They then guided him to his room and taught him to use various kinds of facilities.

For Su, the careful and considerate services were heartwarming. “The staffers are very kind, and their meticulous work made me feel relieved,” Su said.

Considering Su’s age and physical condition, the anti-pandemic workers provided him special services.

A group composed of a doctor, a nurse and a psychological counselor checked Su’s physical and mental health by measuring his body temperature and asking about his sleep and diet every day.

A medical team was also on 24-hour standby to provide psychological counseling services.

A few days ago, the staffers at the quarantine hotel received a phone call from Su, who said, “I appreciate your considerate service during the quarantine. It’s been hot lately, and I want to repay you with watermelons to keep you cool.”

Seeing bags of watermelons unloaded from the car, medical staffer Wang Wei and his colleagues were very moved.

“I didn’t expect Su would still remember us after more than seven months, which really surprised us,”