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SZ medical worker applies for patent on vest design
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2022-03-29 09:03


Anti-COVID workers wear the vests designed by Zhang Huifan to facilitate nucleic acid sampling. Liu Huamin

A medical worker from Shenzhen Pingle Orthopaedic Hospital has filed a patent application for a vest she designed to facilitate the work of medics in nucleic acid sampling, news outlet reported.

Zhang Huifan, the designer, is the deputy director of nursing at the hospital. According to her, the inspiration came from a picture she saw on WeChat moments March 8.

The picture showed that a nucleic acid test sampling worker had taped up medical waste bags on both sides of the waist and then wrapped the waist with clear tape for hand sanitizer.

Zhang said she wanted to do something for these medical workers and make their work more convenient when they go door to door to collect residents’ nucleic acid samples.

“With such a vest, it is more convenient to carry sampling materials. There are pockets for throat swabs, hand sanitizer, test tubes and test tube bags, which will improve our sampling speed,” a medical worker at the hospital was quoted as saying.

Zhang did the initial sketch on the evening of March 8, and made the paper model the next day. After six rounds of modification, her design was finalized March 20.

Zhang entrusted a patent application agency to file a patent application to China National Intellectual Property Administration on March 21.