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Measures aim to boost commercial activities | 2023-01-13
The Shenzhen Municipal Commerce Bureau has issued five measures with subsidies to promote commercial momentum and stimulate economic vitality. The measures will be valid until June 30 this year.
City progresses in building innovation hub for satellite industry | 2023-01-12
The city’s satellite research and development capacity has steadily improved, as two more Shenzhen-made satellites were successfully launched into space Monday, Shenzhen Economic Daily reported yesterday.
Businesses rebound after reopening of checkpoints | 2023-01-10
The stores and eateries at Futian Checkpoint have seen rising business revenues since the checkpoint reopened Sunday.
Expert gives thumbs-up for biomedical industry in SZ | 2022-12-13
China's renowned respiratory disease expert Zhong Nanshan, also the recipient of the Medal of the Republic for his outstanding contribution to the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, gave Shenzhen the thumbs-up for the city’s rapid growth in biomedical research and innovations, SZTV reported.
SZ strives to become an intl. consumption center | 2022-12-13
Shenzhen has stepped up efforts to become an international consumption center and has taken measures to boost consumption and expand domestic demand.
Govt. offers subsidies to help tourism businesses | 2022-12-09
The city has subsidized tourism enterprises with nearly 100 million yuan (US$14.35 million) and has temporarily returned quality deposits of over 400 million yuan to local travel agencies, according to the Shenzhen Municipal Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau.
SZ rolls out new measures to spur consumption | 2022-12-09
Shenzhen is taking strong steps to boost consumer confidence and unleash greater consumption potential, in a new move to prop up economic growth, according to a press conference Thursday.
Govt. makes all-out efforts to achieve economic growth | 2022-12-07
Government departments across the city are now making all-out efforts to achieve their economic and social development goals this year, Shenzhen Evening News reported.
SZ’s targeted policies help boost consumer spending | 2022-12-07
Shenzhen has posted dazzling consumer spending figures driven by a package of incentives designed to encourage consumption and maintain economic growth, Shenzhen Economic Daily reported.
Futian introduces 62 projects worth ¥120B | 2022-11-29
Futian District held a promotion conference Saturday to bring in investment and talents, attracting over 4.1 million internet users to watch the event and its relevant topics garnered 125 million views online, DT News reported.