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SZ charges ahead in hydrogen industry race | 2024-05-14
Shenzhen is gearing up to seize the opportunities presented by the burgeoning hydrogen industry, aiming to significantly bolster its scale and innovation capacity by 2025, according to a plan released by the Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission.
SZ economy expands 6.4% in Q1 | 2024-04-26
Shenzhen's economy got off to a robust start in the first quarter (Q1) of 2024, underpinned by solid growth in foreign trade and robust growth in high-tech industrial output.
City highlights development of low-altitude economy and AI | 2024-03-20
Since the annual "two sessions" concluded earlier this March, the phrase "new quality productive forces" has emerged as a buzzword and gained widespread attention in the context of China's economic upgrading.
'First stores' accelerate market entry | 2024-03-13
Shenzhen's first-store economy is off to a strong start this year with the accelerated opening of first stores and debuts of new well-known brands.
City releases action plan to boost HarmonyOS native apps | 2024-03-05
Shenzhen unveiled an action plan Saturday to bolster the development of native applications for the open-source HarmonyOS, an operating system crafted by Shenzhen-based tech giant Huawei Technologies.
SZ's retail sales of consumer goods exceed ¥1T in 2023 | 2024-01-24
Shenzhen became the second city in Guangdong Province to achieve 1 trillion yuan (US$140 billion) in total retail sales of consumer goods in 2023, a major indicator of its consumption strength, Guangdong Governor Wang Weizhong said yesterday.
SZ secures top spot with 600,000 drone deliveries | 2024-01-17
Shenzhen, renowned for its focus on the low-altitude economy, achieved a milestone in drone deliveries, surpassing 600,000 flights in 2023 and claiming the top spot among Chinese cities, data from the city's transport bureau showed Monday.
Drones propel low-altitude economy | 2024-01-11
As an important part of the low-altitude economy, drones are widely used in various sectors such as smart cities, logistics, emergency response, aerial survey, and environmental protection.
Measures rolled out for low-altitude economy | 2023-12-29
Shenzhen has rolled out 20 measures aimed at bolstering the high-quality development of the rapidly evolving low-altitude economy.
Shenzhen foreign trade hits ¥3.51T | 2023-12-21
Shenzhen's foreign trade reached 3.51 trillion yuan (US$491.95 billion) between January and November this year, up by 6.3% year on year, ranking first among the 10 export-oriented cities in the country, data from Shenzhen Customs showed.