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Seaside sports center to operate by year-end

A view of the seaside Baguang Comprehensive Sports Center in Dapeng New Area. The sports center, which entered the period for its refined

Ferris wheel to be built at Longgang children’s park

A computer-generated image of Longgang children’s park. Shenzhen Economic DailyAn 88-meter diameter Ferris wheel, which will provide visi

Shenzhen-Zhongshan Link makes solid progress

A view of the construction site of Zhongshan Bridge, a part of the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Link, is seen on this photo taken Sunday. The 100th

GBA designers gather for new possibilities at summit

Jose Antonio Vigara (L) from German architectural firm KSP Jurgen Engel hands out a trophy to an awardee at the awards ceremony of the fo

Red alert for rainstorms issued, all parks closed

Workers help reinforce a fallen cycas tree on Shennan Boulevard after it was lifted out by a crane yesterday. A spate of heavy rains brou

City stays on high alert for torrential rains

Staffers reinforce a railing for saftey on the bank of the Xinzhou River in Futian District yesterday as the city braces for this year’s

Nanshan to build model for vertical urban factories

A computer-generated image of Nanshan Zhizao’s (Honghualing Base) Phase I renovation project, where vertical urban factories will be buil

Hospital uses mobile nucleic acid sampling booth

A man gets a nucleic acid swab at a mobile COVID sampling booth at Peking University Shenzhen Hospital in Futian District. The mobile COV

SZ unveils design for Xili transport hub

A computerized view of Xili Comprehensive Transport Hub with a rooftop park at the east side. Courtesy of Shenzhen Metro GroupComputer-ge