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Pingshan-Yantian Passage opens to traffic

An aerial view of Jinlong Overpass of the newly opened Pingyan Passage. Courtesy of Shenzhen transport bureauThe trip from Pingshan to Ya

CHTF offers annual new tech showcase

Visitors experience a journey to the moon on a VR game probe developed by a Shenzhen company during the 23rd China Hi-Tech Fair, which op

Shenzhou-13 taikonauts conduct second spacewalk

China’s Shenzhou-13 taikonaut Ye Guangfu goes out of the space station core module Tianhe to start extravehicular activities (EVAs). Two

Design week’s immersive exhibitions serve visual feasts

A visitor is seen at UpperHills shopping mall in Futian District, the main venue of Shenzhen Design Week, on Saturday. The event opened S

Pink flowers adorn Guanlan

Visitors appreciate floss silk trees with vibrant pink flowers in bloom along Guanlan River in Longhua District. They can also enjoy view

Intelligent garbage bins put to use

A set of landfill-type, intelligent garbage bins is seen at Shenzhen News Group’s northern compound in Futian District before it the unde

Duck rarely seen in China spotted in SZ Bay

An American wigeon stands in the water, spreading its wings, among a flock of Eurasian wigeon in Shenzhen Bay on Sunday. Pu YingBirdwatch

Lantern show lights up theme park

Visitors take photos beside a tiger-themed lantern at the Zigong Lantern Show at the Splendid China-China Folk Culture Villages theme par

Macao marks 22nd anniversary of return to motherland

A flag-raising ceremony is held in Macao yesterday to mark the 22nd anniversary of its return to the motherland and the establishment of