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One-month countdown to Beijing Winter Olympics begins

A child experiences special fun in a snow zorbing ball in Harbin, capital of Northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province, yesterday, when the

Artist breathes new life into traditional culture

Visitors admire artworks from Hunan artist Tao Qingyou during an exhibition at the Futian Art Museum on Sunday. The exhibition, which wil

Expats immersed in Chinese culture

Jason Tippetts (C) from the U.S. experiences Kylin dance at Dapeng Fortress in Dapeng New Area on Saturday. He and his wife Amanda, both

First batch of imported goods under RCEP arrives in city

A truck carrying 5.6 tons of Japan-made reflective films arrives at Huanggang Checkpoint in Futian District on Saturday. They were the fi

A vibrant expat community

Sofia Alvarez from Mexico, a senior student at Shenzhen University, offers help at a vaccination site for foreign nationals and Hong Kong

Going deeper into Chinese culture

Young people from Hong Kong learn ancient Chinese movable type printing in an activity organized by Mission Hills Group in Shenzhen yeste

Anti-COVID solutions presented

An aerosol COVID-19 vaccination inhaler from biopharmaceutical firm CanSino Biologics Inc. Zhang YuHave you seen a device that can comple

City’s first driverless Metro line in service

A passenger enjoys the tunnel view from the unmanned driver’s cabin on a train running on Metro Line 20, the city’s first automated Metro

Foreign exhibitors show tech prowess, seek partnerships

A staffer from EMYS Inc. introduces their robot to visitors at the Polish pavilion. Zhang YuThe China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF) has continued t