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Precautions help frontline workers beat summer heat
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2022-07-21 09:07


Anti-epidemic workers at a nucleic acid sampling site in Xin’an Subdistrict, Bao’an District, pose for a photo holding their packages containing herbal teas that have a cooling effect Friday. Photo courtesy of Wu Ruirui

As the heat continues to soar, various precautions against heatstroke have been taken at nucleic acid sampling sites across Shenzhen to help frontline workers keep cool.

To provide a cooler work environment for nucleic acid sampling staffers, a mobile nucleic acid sampling workstation equipped with an air conditioner has been set up in the Fuhuaxincun residential compound in Futian District earlier this month.

Previously, these staffers, who must don a mask, gown, gloves or other pieces of protective clothing, provided services sitting outdoors in a canopy tent with pedestal fans behind them.

“The workstation is specially arranged for them because the weather is getting hotter, and they have to wear protective clothing and work for long hours,” a staffer from Futian Subdistrict Office, who declined to be named, told Shenzhen Daily.

The workstation can accommodate three staffers, with three windows open on three sides for nucleic acid sampling services.

In addition to a cooler working condition, the staffers are also able to rotate shifts more often so that they can enjoy more rest. “We have also prepared water and other cool drinks for them,” the staffer said.

According to Shenzhen University General Hospital, the hospital has put into use a nucleic acid sampling cabin with a canopy since last year. The cabin is equipped with an air conditioner that has an adjustable temperature setting.

Meanwhile, the hospital’s nucleic acid sampling staffers can rotate shifts regularly to avoid working at their posts for a long time, and can take a shower and change clothes immediately after work.

Shenzhen Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine in Futian District has also prepared home-made heatstroke prevention soup for frontline medical workers and advised them to change shifts frequently.

According to Pingshan Subdistrict in Pingshan District, it has prepared ice cubes and sent them to various nucleic acid sampling sites across the subdistrict every day since the beginning of this summer. The Pingshan Community Foundation also purchased 50 pieces of cooling clothing for frontline medical workers.

Wu Ruirui, a staffer from Anle Community Workstation in Xin’an Subdistrict, Bao’an District, said the community workstation had sent summer drinks and packages containing small handheld fans, herbal teas and essential oils that have a cooling effect to anti-epidemic workers and volunteers since China entered Sanfu, the Chinese dog days of summer.