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Day care service proves fulfilling for both takers, givers
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2021-08-25 09:08


Xu Xuedan, one of the two teachers taking care of students in Xinsha Primary School in Futian District, teaches students how to make handicrafts. Gu Rong

Teachers and volunteers who joined the city’s first in-school summer day care services, which ended recently, have made joint efforts to offer a fulfilling program for primary school students and ease the pressure on busy parents, the Daily Sunshine reported.

Schools involved in the pilot program offered services in two phases – one from July 19 to 30 and another from Aug. 8 to 20, according to the report.

Futian District had two schools joining the program: Xinsha Primary School and Futian Shenzhen Institute of Education Sciences No. 2 Affiliated Primary School. Xinsha Primary School had 37 students registered in the first phase and most of them applied again for the second phase, coming up to a total of 79.

Xu Xuedan was one of the two teachers taking care of students in Xinsha Primary School. She told the reporter that her job was very rewarding, although she always felt exhausted at the end of her workday. With education and leisure facilities, teachers had designed various activities to help students do homework and sports, as well as make handicrafts. “As a parent, I am very grateful to the day care service offered by the government, and I feel it is incumbent on myself to contribute. I believe that more and more students will attend day care classes in the future,” said Xu.

In Luohu District, Shenzhen Liannan Primary School was the only school in the district that was qualified for day care services during the first phase.

Liu Ziyang, head teacher of a class in Liannan Primary School, said he learned a lot from the 10-day work. “Curiosity drove me to take part in the program at the beginning. In my eyes, firefighting skills, anti-campus bullying and law regulation and safety classes are highlights of the day care services,” Liu said.

Longhua District chose Yulong School as a pilot school, with summer day care services targeting first to fifth graders.

Yan Chunhua was the head teacher of a second-phase class. She said she felt honored to be the head teacher. “On one occasion, one of my students got very nervous and was afraid of any person getting close to her. I patiently communicated with her. She finally relaxed and could talk to me,” Yan said. “I am very relieved that I won the kid’s trust.”