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SZ airport rated world’s most beautiful one
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2023-05-24 09:05


Terminal 3’s exterior wall featuring fish scale-shaped sunshields.


The boarding gate named Gate of the Bay Area.

The Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport has won first place in the ranking of the 2023 World’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Airports, which was recently released at a news conference in Hong Kong.

This is the third time that the airport has won this title. It was also selected as one of the Top 10 Most Popular Airports in China.

The conference was jointly organized by the Aviation Committee of the Cooperation and Development Center of World Cities (CDCWC), World Air Stewardess Association (WASA) and the Global Travelers Association.

The criteria for the World’s Most Beautiful Airports include the magnificent scale of airport buildings, advanced facilities, standardized management, architectural design, comfort and beauty of the environment, and the ability to provide convenient and comfortable services for travelers. The Shenzhen airport, located between mountains and the sea, was recognized and praised for its unique charm.

World-class satellite hall

The airport’s satellite hall, which was put into operation at end of 2021, further enhances travelers’ experience. As the first key infrastructure built in line with the “five-star” airport standard, the satellite hall is stylish, warm and comfortable. It not only won the Luban Award, the highest honor in the domestic construction industry, but also helps the airport’s software and hardware fully align with world-class standards.

Its design originates from the characteristics of Shenzhen, which is known for technology and nature. It extracts the triangle elements from the internet network that connects the world and the city flower — the triangle plum, or bougainvillea, and implements the concepts throughout the architecture and interior design. The satellite hall was built with great care and attention to detail, reflecting the wisdom, efficiency, green and low carbon, and customized functions. For the first time among domestic airports, it uses a wood-colored ceiling with diamond-shaped light strips to create a cozy atmosphere, relieving the anxiety of catching a flight. The four corridors theme on spring, summer, autumn and winter, while the waiting areas adopt diverse combinations of chairs, carpets, sofas and workstands, and are equipped with a large number of charging facilities to meet the diversified needs of passengers.

It is worth mentioning that the satellite hall has two outdoor sightseeing platforms, and two glass curtain walls at the end of the corridors, namely the “Gate of the Airport” and the “Gate of the Bay Area,” which look east to the mountains and west to the sea, bringing passengers a refreshing viewing experience.

Five-star service

In addition to its superb architectural appearance, the airport is also known for its five-star service, which is passenger-oriented and features quality, professional and humanized services.

Over recent years, the airport has continued to accelerate the construction of itself as a world-class international airport, becoming a gateway and important window that showcases the openness, vitality and modern image of Shenzhen. The airport has been awarded the ACI’s (Airport Council International’s) Best Airport Award and certified as a Five-star Airport by Skytrax, a U.K.-based consultancy. Other international heavyweight honors of the global aviation industry the airport has won include Skytrax’s World’s Most Improved Airport.