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Dozens of expats donate blood in Huaqiangbei | 2022-05-30
Atul Jain (seated), an Indian who operates an electronics firm in Huaqiangbei, donates platelets while taking a group photo with other blood donors and their families at an Indian-led blood donation event at the Huaqiangbei blood donation center in Futian District yesterday.
SZ to certify arborists | 2022-05-27
Landscaping workers learn about matters related to a vocational training course for arborists following a ceremony marking the course’s opening at Lianhua Hill Park on Thursday.
SZ to expand community health center space | 2022-05-27
Shenzhen will beef up the construction of community health centers and expand the space of such centers this year, the city’s health commission said Wednesday.
SZ rolls out new incentives to spur consumption | 2022-05-27
Shenzhen has introduced a new package of incentives to further boost consumer spending on vehicles, consumer electronics, household appliances, outdoor culture, tourism and sports activities, and bulk commodities, according to a notice published by six government departments Thursday.
SZ’s trade with RCEP countries hits ¥279.1B | 2022-05-26
Shenzhen's foreign trade with the other 14 Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) member countries reached 279.1 billion yuan (US$41.82 billion) in the first four months of this year, up 1.5% year on year and accounting for 27% of the city’s total trade.
Garbage classification promoted in universities | 2022-05-26
Shenzhen officially unveiled a campaign called “Green Graduation Season” yesterday during a ceremony held in Shenzhen Adolescent Activity Center in Futian District to further promote garbage classification and low-carbon lifestyle in the city’s universities and colleges.
SZ refunds enterprises ¥797M to ensure stable employment | 2022-05-26
The city has returned about 797 million yuan (US$119.47 million) to the first batch of over 799,700 eligible enterprises and institutions since May 20 to ensure stable employment, the municipal social insurance fund management administration said Tuesday.
Asia’s 1st 300m deep-water offshore platform installed | 2022-05-26
Haiji-1, Asia’s first 300-meter deep-water fixed oil production platform, is being installed in the South China Sea, about 200 kilometers southeast of Shenzhen.
Event kicks off to lure global talents | 2022-05-26
A ceremony is held yesterday to kick off the 4th Talents Gathering in Shenzhen-The Trip of Overseas Professionals to Shenzhen.
Monkeypox virus test kit developed | 2022-05-25
Patho-genesis, a subsidiary of BGI, has developed a rapid test kit for the monkeypox virus, BGI Group announced yesterday.