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Temperatures to climb back in Shenzhen | 2021-01-18
The cold weather will end tomorrow despite the fact that the temperature was reportedly below 10 degrees Celsius this morning.
Venezuelan passionately presents favorite city via videos | 2021-01-18
What do you do when you fall in love with someone? 32-year-old Rafael Saavedra from Venezuela is “love drunk,” but with the city of Shenzhen. And the way he shows his love for his favorite city in the world is by recording and presenting this unique city through his videos.
Holiday traffic pressure to increase in SZ | 2021-01-18
Vehicles leaving the city for holiday trips during the Spring Festival holiday period will drop by half to around 400,000 to 500,000, according to police estimates.
Dine-in service not available in supermarkets | 2021-01-18
The dine-in tables and chairs are not available for use in Carrefour’s Xinzhou outlet in Futian District as the photo taken yesterday shows.
City’s air quality ranks No. 6 in 2020 | 2021-01-18
The air quality in Shenzhen ranked sixth out of 168 key cities in China in 2020, statistics from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment showed Friday.
Handmade hiking trail welcomes first visitors | 2021-01-18
A 24.74-kilometer handmade hiking trail linking Nanshan, Futian and Luohu districts in central Shenzhen welcomed its first batch of nearly 50 visitors Saturday, after the trail was officially completed and opened at the end of December in 2020.
Israeli businessman shares Shenzhen dream story | 2021-01-15
An Israeli businessman, who came to Shenzhen in 2017 to start his AI-powered intelligent robot enterprise here, shared his story with Shenzhen Economic Daily on Thursday.
Work on mangrove protection project to start | 2021-01-15
The second phase of an ecological restoration project on the mangrove wetland at the mouth of Shenzhen River in Futian District will be launched, according to a notice released by the Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau on Tuesday.
Parking place for barrier-free cabs | 2021-01-15
Barrier-free taxis park in the assigned place in Shenzhen North Railway Station.
City’s bank deposits exceed 10 trillion yuan | 2021-01-15
The balance of RMB and foreign currency deposits at financial institutions in Shenzhen for the first time broke the 10 trillion yuan mark (US$1.54 trillion) to reach 10.19 trillion yuan by the end of December 2020, the Shenzhen Municipal Local Financial Regulatory Bureau said Wednesday.