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Shenzhen releases criteria for lifting lockdown
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2022-03-09 09:03

Shenzhen has released a set of key criteria for lifting COVID-19 restrictions in its lockdown and control areas.

Lin Hancheng, spokesperson of the city’s COVID-19 prevention and control headquarters, said at a press conference yesterday that there are three conditions to be met at the same time before COVID restrictions are lifted in lockdown and control areas.

They are: 1) no new cases or asymptomatic infections in the areas were reported in the last 14 days; 2) At least 14 days have passed since the last close contact found in the areas was exposed to COVID, or the close contact has been put under centralized quarantine for over four days with negative nucleic acid test results; and 3) In two days before lockdown restrictions are lifted, all residents in the areas have completed a round of nucleic acid testing and the results are negative.

Currently, residents in lockdown areas must stay at home and are provided with door-to-door delivery service, according to Lin.

Residents in control areas must stay at home for the first four days after the restrictions are imposed, with door-to-door delivery service provided. After risk assessment, citizens must remain in their residential buildings and can pick up their parcels at staggered hours from the fifth day to the end of the restrictions.

After the restrictions are lifted, lockdown and control areas will continue to implement strict anti-COVID measures; while in prevention areas, gatherings should be avoided and residents should conduct self-health monitoring within a week, according to Lin.

Lin said that the municipal health commission has guided the city’s COVID-affected districts to establish an emergency medical service security system for pregnant women in lockdown, control and prevention areas.