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SZ ‘green bus’ model presented to 189 countries
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2021-11-17 09:11

The World Bank has recommended a report, titled “Electrification of Public Transport: A Case Study of the Shenzhen Bus Group,” to its 189 member countries to promote bus electrification, especially in developing countries, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported yesterday.

Shenzhen has China’s and the world’s, first and largest fully electric bus and taxi fleets. The case study jointly launched by the World Bank, Shenzhen Bus Group, University of California, Davis and China Development Institute, introduced Shenzhen Bus Group’s practices in developing green and sustainable transportation.

The case study has four main parts, namely the policy and enabling environment of bus electrification in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Bus Group’s business model and implementation of electric mobility transition, cost and benefit assessments, and key steps for fleet electrification for other cities’ references.

Shenzhen took the lead in the world to introduce electric buses in its public transport system in 2017 and e-cabs for its car hailing services in 2018.

Since its electrification, Shenzhen Bus Group has reduced 440,000 tons of carbon dioxide on average a year and 217,900 liters of diesel, gasoline and water waste; and saved 150,000 tons of standard coal and 160 million liters of fuel. The group has built 112 charging stations and 1,888 charging poles for buses, and 12 charging stations and 1,052 charging poles for cabs.

Public transport electrification provides an opportunity to achieve multiple low-carbon urban development objectives, reduce local air pollution, create jobs and receive higher public transport acceptance from residents. However, the report said, the adoption of electric buses has been slow worldwide due to higher capital costs versus diesel or gas alternatives, rapid product technology evolution, limited operational experience and lack of trained personnel.

This case is part of the World Bank Transport Global Practice’s larger effort to share China’s experience in rolling out electric mobility to the international community for other governments to make more informed decisions, avoid potential risks, save resources, connect with experts in the field and build capacity.

Due to the achievements in green transportation, Shenzhen Bus Group was selected as China’s first executive member at the Bus Committee of International Association of Public Transport (UITP), and rotation chairman of UITP’s Taxi and App-based Taxi Committee. Shenzhen Bus Group’s fleet operation has been selected as a typical case of green commuting and won the highest honorable prize at the 63rd UITP World Congress and Exhibition.