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HKers amazed at Qianhai development speed
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2021-10-15 09:10

Hong kong entrepreneurs and office workers in Qianhai said they were amazed at Qianhai’s development speed over the past year, and they believe that Qianhai’s new development plan will further promote the area’s development and bring them more opportunities.

Yiu Chun-pong, founder of electronic product company Team Concepts, said that Qianhai’s commercial services and living facilities have greatly improved over the past year, which made living and working there more convenient. In addition, the issuance of the new Qianhai plan also made the area more charming to many Hongkongers.

“According to the new plan, Qianhai will encourage many other industries to develop in the area such as conventions and exhibitions, which are industries Hong Kong has advantages in. I believe the new policy will attract more talents to Qianhai and promote exchanges between the two areas,” he said.

Kevin Xi, founder of U.K.-based Water Babies China branch, said that Qianhai’s modern and financial services have become more diversified and international, which helped with enterprises’ growth. He said Qianhai’s continuous legal environment improvements, such as investor protection regulation formulations, made entrepreneurs feel safer and more protected.

Xi also said that Qianhai’s expansion is a new attempt to pursue a new pattern of comprehensive opening up. Talents from Hong Kong and the mainland have their own distinct advantages and can achieve win-win situations through more joint cooperation in the future.

Cheng Cheuk-pan, another Hongkonger focusing on the education field in Qianhai since 2019, said he felt that the area’s population density has increased over the past year. This has given Qianhai more vigor, and many of his Hong Kong friends said that they have greater confidence in the area’s development.

“Qianhai is like a bank of resources where we can reach out to a massive trove of contacts and talents,” he said.