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739,600 frozen product samples tested for virus
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2021-08-20 09:08

Shenzhen Centralized Supervision Warehouse for Imported Frozen Products has completed 739,600 nucleic acid sample tests for over 525,000 tons of frozen meat since it was put into use in August last year.

A total of 116 samples tested positive and 304 tons of frozen meat (23,098 items in 85 batches) were intercepted, sources from Shenzhen’s market supervision authority showed.

Warehouse management reported to customs that they have suspended the application of three frozen meat importers and found no workers that got infected with COVID-19.

A “three complete” management system for imported frozen products leaving the ports and entering Shenzhen for storage, processing and sales, is being implemented at the warehouse with complete disinfection of outer packaging, complete nucleic acid testing and complete contact tracing, according to a Shenzhen Special Zone Daily report.

The city took the lead in China in operating a centralized warehouse system in Jihua Subdistrict, Longgang District, since Aug. 18 last year.

The move is aimed to reduce and cut down the COVID-19 infection risks to the public, the Daily report said.

Product owners are required to faithfully report information related to the frozen products. If they knowingly provide false information, it will be reflected in the city’s social credit system.

The goods in the warehouse can only be distributed after passing checks, tests and obtaining certificates, according to the Daily report.