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More park areas for kids to ride bikes advised
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2021-02-23 09:02

A citizen recently complained that children’s bikes are not allowed in Xiwan Mangrove Park in Bao’an District, saying that the rules should be more reasonable, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported yesterday.

According to the citizen, a child riding a 14-inch (35.56-cm) bike with training wheels was stopped by a security guard in Xiwan Mangrove Park in Bao’an District on Feb. 14. The security guard said that all bikes are banned in the park with proof of the park’s relevant regulations. The park management office told the Daily in a phone interview Friday that for the sake of safety, bikes, including kids’ bikes, are not allowed in the park as bike accidents happened in the park before. Other municipal parks such as Lianhua Hill Park, Dashahe Park and Shenzhen Central Park also have different regulations on kids’ bikes.

According to the security guards on duty at the entrance of Lianhua Hill Park, 14-inch kids’ bikes with training wheels are allowed in the park.

The management office of Lianhua Hill Park added that kids’ bikes for young children are allowed in the park. However, the park has no clear regulations on the specific size of kids’ bikes that can enter the park.

According to the management office of Dashahe Park, kids’ bikes are allowed in the park as long as children are accompanied by their parents. However, they are advised to avoid visiting the park during travel peak on holidays.

In Shenzhen Central Park, a cycling greenway was built along Futian River in the middle section of Zhenhua West Road. Except for hand-cranked and hand-pushed wheelchairs and strollers used by the elderly, the disabled and infants, vehicles including bikes are not allowed in the parks, as per the rules issued by Shenzhen Municipal Park Management Center.

The size and specification of children’s bikes are not defined in the rules as well. When asked about the ban on kids’ bikes in Xiwan Mangrove Park, some citizens hope that parks can be friendlier to children, such as building more greenways and allowing more areas for riding.