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Lab put into use in Luohu for wider virus testing
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2020-08-18 11:08

A total of nine of BGI’s air membrane version of the Huo-Yan Laboratory were built at Luohu Gymnasium and put into use Sunday to support virus testing in the city following new COVID-19 cases.

The testing laboratory is an inflatable, easy to transport and low-energy-consumption lab designed as an emergency response plan for the detection of COVID-19.

The lab contains separate capsules for different functions such as sample collection, reception and preparation. It can also be folded up after use, as it has already been used in many regions, according to Shenzhen Economic Daily.

At present, the daily testing capability in Shenzhen has already reached 103,000. By 6 p.m. yesterday, 210,301 out of 256,733 collected samples had tested negative for the novel coronavirus while the results of 46,430 samples are yet to come out.

A total of 64 institutions across the city are available for testing, according to

Shenzhen has conducted investigations to trace the source of frozen meat products sold between July 31 and Aug. 2 at Shuibei Hema Fresh Supermarket and will provide free virus tests for those who have visited the supermarket since July 24.

Wider virus testing will also be conducted for citizens living near Shuibei Hema Fresh Supermarket in Luohu District.

The city will continue enhancing supervision of cold-chain suppliers in a bid to strengthen epidemic prevention and control work, especially in the approaching fall and winter.