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Dull Spring Festival holiday? Not here!
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2024-02-09 16:02

From art shows and performances to lively concerts and captivating cultural festivals, Shenzhen will offer a diverse array of delightful events that will ensure a memorable and inclusive Spring Festival for residents and visitors throughout the eight-day holiday, which starts Saturday.

From now until Feb. 24, the Lantern Festival (the last day of the Chinese New Year celebration), citizens and visitors are welcome to visit the Futian Spring Festival Flower Fair, enjoy light shows, and watch grand parades.

Over a dozen open-air markets and expos selling Spring Festival goods, which are scattered across major business districts such as INTOWN, Coco Park, and Central City, will gift shoppers with "red envelops" that contain tempting discounts and vouchers.

A visit to Shenzhen Festival Avenue on Fuhua Road, where the flower fair is being held, is a must. On Feb. 14, a grand parade featuring various performances and a dumpling carnival will be held on the avenue. Visitors will be treated to dumplings, a classic and widely popular food considered lucky during Spring Festival. In addition, four lion dance troupes will perform in nine major business areas within the district starting Feb. 18.

Meanwhile, 150 Hong Kong residents will be recruited to participate in banquets in Xiasha and Shuiwei villages. These banquets will serve Poon Choi (big bowl dish), which is a popular Cantonese dish served during the Chinese New Year.

Longgang District has organized a rich array of events highlighting dragon elements to mark the Year of the Dragon.

At the Wanda Plaza, an art exhibition focused on works of China's first 3D street-art artist, Qi Xinghua, is ongoing.

Meanwhile, an intangible cultural heritage art exhibition is being held at Vanke Plaza, displaying traditional Chinese bamboo weaving techniques.

Luohu District will hold folk culture performances in Dongmen, Renmin Park, and Jinpi Fang, an old beer factory turned cultural area. A sports carnival will be held at Kingglory Plaza, which will include sports performances, and lucky draws.

Open-air live music concerts will be held in major business areas. Two simultaneous concerts to be staged by Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra will be held from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Feb. 15 in Caiwuwei and Shuibei business areas.

Theme parks and tourist spots in Nanshan District, including Window of the World, OCT Bay, Shenzhen Safari Park, Splendid China Folk Village, and Evergreen Resort, will present lantern shows, intangible cultural heritage displays, and acrobatics performances.