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Railway gears up for holiday travel
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2023-09-19 09:09

The China Railway Guangzhou Group is expected to transport 27.68 million passengers, a daily average of 2.307 million, during this year’s National Day holiday travel rush, which will last from Sept. 27 to Oct. 8, the group said Friday.

The total number of passengers is expected to increase by 5.536 million, or 25%, compared to 2019.

This year, the National Day holiday falls between Sept. 29 and Oct. 6, with the Mid-Autumn Festival happening on the first day of the holiday period.

Anticipated peak travel times are expected to be from Sept. 28 to 30 for pre-holiday journeys and from Oct. 5 to 6 for post-holiday return trips.

Passengers can now purchase train tickets for Sept. 29, the first day of the National Day holiday, on or the 12306 mobile app as tickets go on sale 15 days in advance. Train tickets for Oct. 6, the last day of the holiday, will be available for sale starting Sept. 22.

According to Xie Chaofang, head of the marketing division of China Railway Guangzhou Group’s passenger transport department, there is a strong demand for travel during the National Day holiday. Travelers are expected to use this opportunity to return to their hometowns, visit relatives and friends, and engage in sightseeing activities.

Tickets from either Guangzhou or Shenzhen to Changsha, Chao-shan, and Zhanjiang are in relatively high demand, as indicated by presale figures.

Major train stations such as Guangzhou South Railway Station, Shenzhen North Railway Station, Changsha South Railway Station, Guangzhou Railway Station, and Changsha Railway Station will dispatch over 800 staffers to enhance security measures and improve passenger entry efficiency during the holiday, according to the group.