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72h COVID test result needed for leaving SZ
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2022-04-07 09:04

Travelers are required to provide a negative nucleic acid test result issued within 72 hours and a green health code to leave Shenzhen via trains or planes, according to a notice issued by Shenzhen’s COVID prevention and control headquarters Tuesday.

Passengers are also required to present a 72-hour negative test result to take public transportation in the city.

Under the new COVID control measures effective Tuesday, rail passengers are still required to have temperature checks before boarding. Metro passengers are required to scan venue codes in addition to having their temperature checked, notices released by the operators showed Tuesday.

The elderly and children who cannot show a 72-hour negative nucleic acid test result via mobile phones need to provide a printed version instead or have a relative accompany them. The elderly who do not have mobile phones do not need to scan venue codes, the Metro operator noted.

Due to COVID flare-ups in some cities in China, during the Qingming Festival holiday between Sunday and Tuesday, the Shenzhen government called for online mourning for their deceased loved ones and to avoid leaving the city unless necessary. Holidaymakers during the holiday mainly took a short trip within the city.

Shenzhen’s passenger turnover by rail, air, road and sea dropped by 74% year on year to 521,600 passenger trips during the Qingming Festival holiday. The city’s railway system handled 448,200 passenger trips, down by 69% year on year. Air passenger turnover dropped by 85% to 56,100 passenger trips year on year.

Shenzhen parks received a total of 1.67 million visits during the holiday, with Shenzhen Bay Park receiving the most with 112,000 visits during the holiday, data from Shenzhen Park Service showed.

All areas in Shenzhen are now rated low-risk for COVID starting April 1. Ticket sales for Shenzhen’s tourist attractions at, an online travel service provider, increased over 10 times between April 1 and 5 over the period between March 27 and 31. Hotel reservations in the city increased by 19% during the same period, showing a quick rebound in tourism.