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Inbound travelers required to declare travel records
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2022-04-01 09:04

Travelers departing from and arriving in Shenzhen by air or rail must declare their travel records through the “深i您” WeChat miniprogram, and those who hide their records and cause the spread of COVID-19 will be held accountable, a notice issued by Shenzhen’s transport commission said Thursday.

People coming from high-risk areas are subject to a 14-day centralized quarantine and nucleic acid tests every day for the first seven days, as well as the 10th and 14th day, according to the latest COVID prevention and control measures.

Those coming from medium-risk areas will have a 14-day home quarantine and undergo four rounds of nucleic acid tests on the first, third, seventh and 14th day. Those traveling from cities and counties with reported community COVID cases will have a seven-day home quarantine and seven-day health observation at home, in addition to four rounds of nucleic acid tests.

People coming from regions with community COVID transmissions will have a 14-day home quarantine and undergo four rounds of nucleic acid tests.

Air travelers arriving in Shenzhen from medium- and high-risk regions and areas with COVID cases must have a negative 48-hour nucleic acid test result and undergo nucleic acid tests upon arrival.

During the Qingming Festival period, expressways will be toll free from Sunday to Tuesday.

The Guangdong Provincial Transport Department estimates the expressways will see a about 7.1 million vehicle trips a day, down by 10% over the same period last year.