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Futian realigns lockdown, control and prevention areas
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2022-03-29 09:03

Futian District has realigned the previous COVID-19 lockdown, control and prevention areas within the district to make epidemic prevention and control more targeted, according to a notice issued by the district’s COVID prevention and control headquarters early yesterday.

In its notice No. 145, the headquarters has listed the adjustments made to the lockdown, control, and prevention areas in Yuanling, Nanyuan, Futian, Shatou, Meilin, Xiangmihu, Lianhua and Fubao subdistricts.

The period of restriction measures started from the time when these areas were originally designated as lockdown, control or prevention areas.

Residents in lockdown areas must stay at home and door-to-door delivery service is provided, while residents in control areas must stay in their own residential buildings and pick up deliveries at staggered hours. Gatherings are strictly limited in prevention areas with anti-COVID measures in place.

COVID restrictions were lifted in areas except for those listed in the notice.

Normal work and production in southern Futian District (south of Binhe Road, east of Qiaocheng Road East and west of Hongling Road South) resumed yesterday, while COVID control measures continue to be implemented in the lockdown, control and prevention areas. Relevant measures will remain effective until April 5.