Shenzhen Government Online
Daily Briefing on Fighting against COVID-19 (March 1, 2020)
From: Foreign Affairs Office of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government
Updated: 2020-03-01 12:03

1. Municipal leaders donate to support COVID-19 prevention and control work. On Feb. 28, Party Secretary Wang Weizhong, Mayor Chen Rugui and other municipal leaders took the lead to donate money to support COVID-19 prevention and control work. The donation will be mainly used to comfort medical staff, grassroots cadres and residents, police officers and community workers fighting the epidemic in the frontline, and financially support the residents living in difficulties due to the epidemic and the families of those who died from the epidemic. (Source: Shenzhen Government Online) 

2. China and WHO publish joint survey report. The report points out that China has the most brave, agile and active measures of prevention and control in history. The prevention and control work in Shenzhen was analyzed as the only city case. During their survey in China, WHO experts visited Tencent in Shenzhen—the only tech company on the trip, and recognized their efforts with the advanced technology to facilitate the epidemic prevention and control. (Source: Shenzhen TV) 

3. The CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee and Municipal People’s Government Issue Measures to Coordinate the Promotion of Epidemic Prevention and Control as well as Economic and Social Development. The document includes 31 measures, covering all aspects of epidemic prevention and control as well as economic and social development, such as epidemic prevention and control, patient treatment, goods supply, work and production resumption, helping enterprises and securing jobs, safeguarding people’s livelihood, protecting and caring for medical staff and others in the prevention, accelerating the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Shenzhen Pilot Demonstration Zone, and reinforcing the leadership. (Source: Shenzhen Release)

4. Residential areas in Shenzhen will make such changes in epidemic prevention and control as increasing checking points and measuring body temperature only once. How will the city enhance epidemic prevention and control in residential areas in the future? On Feb. 28, Shenzhen Headquarters for COVID-19 Prevention and Control issued Implementation Details for Further Optimizing and Enhancing Epidemic Prevention and Control in Communities and Residential Areas, making more specific rules in the following 5 aspects: closed management with check points, checking and passing, quarantine measures, joint operation of communities and enterprises, as well as grassroots efforts. (Source: Shenzhen Headquarters for COVID-19 Prevention and Control) 

5. Online consultation for febrile patients is available at 28 hospitals in Shenzhen. During the COVID-19 epidemic, Shenzhen has leveraged its advantages in “internet + healthcare” to fight the epidemic in a “second front”. 28 hospitals in the city have been offering online consultation for febrile patients. So far 147,000 people have received the service. The practice enables residents to solve health problems without leaving their homes, and contributes “Shenzhen experience” to the epidemic prevention and control. (Source: Shenzhen Government Online)

6. Prevention and control supplies provide strong guarantee to work resumption of enterprises. Municipal authorities have distributed over 2.7 million face masks to key enterprises in the city and in all districts. Amid severe shortages of prevention and control supplies in the city, in order to promote work resumption of enterprises and epidemic prevention at the same time, Shenzhen Municipal Market Regulation Bureau has distributed over 2.7 million face masks to key enterprises in the city and all districts by resorting to various channels and strengthening supply coordination and allocation, so as to comprehensively push forward resumption of work and production in a scientific and orderly manner. (Source: Shenzhen Municipal Market Regulation Bureau)