Shenzhen Government Online
Daily Briefing on Fighting against COVID-19(February 24, 2020)
From: Foreign Affairs Office of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government
Updated: 2020-02-24 12:02

1. Virus inflection point hasn’t come yet. Avoid gathering and be aware of hidden spread. According to the experts of Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission, despite the positive signs shown in the figures of the epidemic prevention and control nationwide, the epidemic is not over yet and efforts shouldn’t be slackened. With the work resumption and population mobility, high vigilance of epidemic prevention should not be relaxed. As occult infection cases exist and some self-healing patients are carrying virus, there may be a process of hidden spread. Citizens ought to maintain self-protection. (Source: Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission)

2. Traffic flow regains 40% of ordinary days. With the resumption of work and production, Shenzhen’s road traffic is gradually recovering as well. Having analyzed the city’s recent traffic situations, Shenzhen Traffic Police has adjusted police deployment accordingly to ensure safe and smooth traffic for work and production resumption. At present, the city’s road traffic flow has recovered 40% of ordinary days, with the traffic flow bigger at noon. More people choose private cars and bikes. (Source: Shenzhen Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Bureau)

3. Over 2.6 million citizens made reservations 12 hours after face mask reservation online system was launched with the first round open on Feb. 24. Starting from Feb. 22, Shenzhen Headquarters for COVID-19 Prevention and Control has offered free disposable masks to citizens by reservation and drawing lots. Over 2.6 million citizens made reservations 12 hours after face mask reservation online system was launched. The first draw will take place at 10:00am Feb. 24 and go on every two days. Each winner can get 5 free masks. The successful results will be sent via text messages to winners’ phone number as registered. (Source: Shenzhen Municipal Government Services Data Bureau)

4. Shenzhen launches special loans for combating epidemic and work resumption, with interest rates as low as 3.3%. Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission has issued a notice saying the Commission will work with China Development Bank Shenzhen Branch to launch special loans for combating the epidemic and resumption of work and production. Enterprises registered in the city as independent legal entities that are directly involved in the fight against the epidemic in the city and the country at large and companies that have resumed work and production whose businesses are subject to the epidemic are eligible for the loans, with terms from one to three years and interest rates as low as 3.3%. (Source: Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission)

5. The number of collective meal delivery companies rises to 141 with up to 30,000 orders received. According to Shenzhen Municipal Market Regulation Bureau, in order to meet the demand for collective meals and ensure food safety after work resumption, 62 more catering businesses have been added to the city’s collective meal delivery platform as the third batch of companies. Currently, there are 141 catering companies in total providing delivery services for enterprises in need of collective meals in Shenzhen. (Source: Shenzhen Municipal Market Regulation Bureau)

6. High-tech companies offer assistance to the frontline combating the epidemic in Wuhan as “Huoyan” Lab and AI technology help with disease detection. Apart from donations, companies from Shenzhen are leveraging their technological strengths and innovation advantages to offer a helping hand to the frontline in Wuhan. The “Huoyan” Laboratory built in Wuhan by BGI has received over 31,000 test samples from Hubei. Huawei and ZTE have built telecommunications infrastructures. Meanwhile, Tencent is using AI to facilitate doctors to improve CT testing efficiency. Shenzhen-based high-tech companies are employing technologies to fight the epidemic in the race against the time. (Source: Shenzhen Release)