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City turns to regulation in fight against NCP
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2020-02-12 10:02

Units and personnel who don’t cooperate with investigation, inspection and quarantine or who purposefully withhold and misrepresent information during the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) outbreak will be punished according to the law and their deeds recorded in the public credit information system, according to a new rule passed by Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress yesterday.

The city’s virus prevention and control team was authorized to make policies on behalf of local governments during the NCP epidemic.

The office is authorized to seize equipment, facilities, traffic tools and other assets, enforce quarantine measures in housing areas, offices and residential compounds where NCP patients live, and tighten management over residential communities and urban villages.

Firms resuming work must institute the new virus prevention and control management system, make emergency plans, uphold proper on-site disinfection and guarantee the availability of preventive health supplies.

Those who enter public areas and take public transportation including taxis must wear face masks. People are also asked to register information on their physical condition, travel history and recent contact history.

The city’s supervision and regulation department are required to enhance market supply, supervision and law enforcement. The trade of live poultry and wild animals is banned. Cold chain meat management will be comprehensively implemented. The city’s public security bureau will severely combat illegal behavior including selling fake face masks, protective suits and goggles, endangering public security, and interfering with work at medical institutions.

The decision requires city and district governments to oversee the management of private information since residents have been registering information from multiple platforms recently. Private information including name, address, contact number and workplace must remain confidential if an individual is confirmed NCP.

Medical institutions, disease prevention and control team, and subdistrict virus prevention and control teams can provide a statement for cured NCP patients, close contacts of NCP patients, self-quarantined and centralized-quarantined people after their quarantine period is over. The statement serves as proof that the individual can resume school and work and enter the public areas without risk of spreading the virus.

The city and district governments can give subsidies to personnel and units that work on the frontlines against NCP.