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Companies resume work with stringent prevention measures
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2020-02-12 10:02

Stringent measures have been taken in office buildings, science and technology parks, and industrial bases across Shenzhen on Monday, the first workday after a prolonged Spring Festival holiday, to help contain the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) that has infected thousands of people nationwide over the past month, local Chinese-language media reported yesterday.

Shenzhen Party chief Wang Weizhong, who also serves as chief commander of the city’s NCP prevention and control team, paid field visits Monday to train stations, inspection points on expressways and companies to make sure necessary measures are in place.

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, people have to undergo a body temperature check, disinfect their hands, and report their personal information and recent whereabouts before being allowed to enter the Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise Joint Headquarters Building at the Shenzhen Software Industry Base in Nanshan District. A second round of temperature checks and disinfection await people going into a specific office inside the building.

An unnamed staffer with Appotronics, a high-tech company on the 22nd floor of the Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise Joint Headquarters Building, said that about 80 percent of its employees came to the office Monday. According to the staffer, Appotronics has taken different work-hour measures by encouraging its staff to work from home using cloud-based office tools. “We also encourage our employees to bring their own lunch to avoid crowds at our company canteen,” the staffer said.

Appotronics started making preparations for the resumption of work Jan. 21, including acquiring more than 7,000 face masks and other preventative gear for its employees. It had also worked out virus prevention and control measures before being given the go-ahead by the Nanshan authority to resume work Monday.

Official statistics showed that 15,691 companies in Nanshan had filed applications to resume work with the Nanshan District Industrial and Information Technology Bureau as of Feb. 8, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported yesterday. The authority will carry out on-site inspections to ensure the companies have adequate virus prevention gear and necessary response measures and management rules in place. Companies are also required to check the health conditions of their employees. Companies will be granted the green light to resume production only after passing the on-site inspection. However, the Daily didn’t say how many companies were permitted to resume work Monday in Nanshan.

Body temperature checks and disinfection have become standard practice at work venues across the city.

In Longgang District, employees working in the Shangxue Science and Technology Park in Bantian Subdistrict stood in line Monday morning to get a body temperature check and disinfection. Those who passed the temperature check were given a face mask before being allowed to go inside the park to start their work, Shenzhen Evening News said yesterday.

In addition to the temperature checks, regular disinfection of the assembly lines will be performed by employers at the Shangxue park.

Although temperature checks and hand disinfection are carried out before entering the China Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Building in Futian District, tissues and hand disinfectant are placed inside every elevator in the building.

Drones have been deployed to carry out disinfection work in and around the Shenzhen airport, train stations, bus terminals and hospitals as well as at industrial bases around the city.