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About COVID-19
Nucleic Acid Sampling and Testing Sites for Personnels Who hold Yellow Health Code (54) | 2021-07-02
Notices on Medical and Health Services for Expats in Shenzhen | 2021-03-30
Guidance for Scheduling a Nucleic Acid Test Appointment | 2021-02-05
FAQs (IX) for Foreigners on Prevention and Control of COVID-19 | 2020-06-20
Residents who’re currently in Beijing should follow all requirements for the prevention and control of COVID-19 in Beijing, keep u.pdated about the city’s prevention and control strategies.
Guide for foreign nationals to apply for a Yuekang code | 2020-04-27
The Yuekang code (粤康码), also called Guangdong health code (GHC)-issued through an online platform called Yueshengshi (粤省事) operated by the provincial government-has been used to avoid the repeated collection of health information and inconsistent recognition of isolation between regions by pooling information including COVID-19 screening results
COVID-19 guidebook: how to prevent hospital infections | 2020-04-26
Hospital can be a dangerous place at a time of pandemic, for both healthcare providers and the patients. Here are a few standard precautions for outpatient management.
Tips for medical workers at fever clinics | 2020-04-26
A Letter from GDFAO to Chinese and Foreigners in Guangdong | 2020-04-23
Guangdong is a province with a large population, prosperous economy, developed foreign trade, and a high degree of opening up to the outside world in China.
Multilingual | IMPORTANT! Foreigners in China during the epidemic must abide by the following | 2020-04-17
Podcast helps expats decompress amid pandemic | 2020-04-11