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E'jingshui Wetland Park

Natural Park Opening Hours:0-24

Address:Intersection of Guangming Boulevard and Dongchang Road, Fenghuang Subdistrict, Guangming District, Shenzhen

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The park, which is located at the intersection of E'jingshui and the main stream of Maozhou River, covers an area of 70,500 square meters. Consisting of sewage treatment facilities and garden landscapes, the park creates an ecological landscape wetland focusing on ecological restoration and conservation and ecological landscape and recreation.

There are nine garden landscapes, including the Wetland Science Popularization Center, Huaxi Diepu, Birdwatching Pavilion, Guanyun Luoying, Qugang Huifang, Yugu Daoqing, Hetang Yuese, Angran Qingqu and Bibo Landscape. A total of 105 species of plants grow here.