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Bougainvillea Valley Park

Natural Park Opening Hours:6:00-22:00


Address:Bougainvillea Valley Park (next to Jiuwei Detention Center), Hangcheng Subdistrict, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

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Introduction to the Park Featured attractions

Bougainvillea Valley is located on the east side of Phoenix Mountain. It has a construction area of 275,000 square meters, and is an urban country forest park, with mountains, natural plants and bougainvilleas as its main landscapes.

The Shenzhen Bougainvillea Science Popularization Base, which is centered around bougainvilleas, features science education, ornamental value, and amusement.

Twelve pavilions, three landscape stones and two stone bridges were built in the park.

Located between the artificial lake and the bamboo forest, Fangcaodi is a rare open space for children to enjoy.

Qihuaying is located on the south bank of the lake area. Here you can see a long corridor of flowers, especially during the flower season.