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Yangtai Mountain Forest Park

Natural Park Opening Hours:Hiking Trail: 6:00-18:00; Square: 6:00-22:00; Longhua Ring Greenway (Yangtai Mountain Section): Please check the miniprogram “深i绿道”


Address:Intersection of Nanshan, Bao’an and Longhua districts

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Introduction to the Park Parking Reservations

Known as the city's oxygen bar, Yangtai Mountain Forest Park is located in the northwest of Shenzhen, with a total area of 28.57 square kilometers. It is located at the intersection of Bao'an, Longhua and Nanshan districts. There are five small and medium-sized reservoirs and more than 20 mountain spring streams in the park. It is the headwater of the Shenzhen Shiyan River, Baimang River, Mashan River, Maozhou River and other rivers. The upstreams of Shiyan Reservoir, Xili Reservoir and Tiegang Reservoir also originate from here. The park is heavily wooded with native and exotic vegetation and abounds with wildlife. According to a survey, there are 452 species of higher plants in 114 families, 82 species of vertebrates, and eight species of animals and plants are under State protection. In June 2020, with the approval of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, the name “羊台山” was restored to “阳台山.”