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Meilin Mountain Country Park

Natural Park Opening Hours:6:00-23:00


Address:Colorful Meilin Zone: Caimei Entrance, Meilin Mountain Park, Xiameilin Street 2, Futian District; Qiaoxiang Zone: Qiaoxiang Entrance, Meilin Mountain Park, Beihuan Boulevard, Futian District

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Introduction to the Park Featured attractions

Meilin Mountain Country Park is divided into two parts by the Meilin Reservoir and water source protection area, forming two areas to the south and north respectively, with a total area of about 6.9 square kilometers. The highest peak in the southern part of the park is at an altitude of 362 meters, and the highest peak in the northern part has an altitude of 386 meters. Meilin Mountain Country Park boasts forest and natural resources. The main hiking trail in the southern part of the park is about 10 km long. The northern part is yet to be constructed.

Meilin Mountain Country Park abounds with forest resources and is known as the city's important treasury of natural resources.

Meilin Mountain Country Trail is nearly 8 km long and has two entrances, including the Mei'ao Entrance and Meilin Mountain Back Entrance. It is mainly built in the form of handmade trails, retaining the original wilderness of the mountains. The handmade trail not only reduces the damage to nature, but also provides people who live in the city for a long time opportunities to get close to primitive nature.