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Meilin Subdistrict releases biodiversity map
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2023-12-13 09:12


A woman talks to her child about Jamaican cherry (Muntingia calabura) and miracle fruit plant (Synsepalum dulcificum), two plants found in Meilin, yesterday. The plants' photos are being displayed at the Next Park Party-Mass Service Center in Meilin, Futian District. 

Meilin Subdistrict in Futian District officially presented its biodiversity map during a conference at Next Park yesterday. The map features a collection of over 400 photos highlighting more than 300 plant and animal species found in Meilin. 

In partnership with experts, Meilin Subdistrict conducted a comprehensive biodiversity investigation to produce the map. The findings revealed a remarkable diversity, with Meilin now home to a total of 720 plant species, including 206 newly discovered during the investigation.

Among the noteworthy plant species is the Fairy Lake cycad (Cycas fairylakea), an endangered endemic species in the country. The investigation also identified 159 animal species in Meilin, including 14 nationally protected wild animals.

Surrounded by Meilin, Yinhu, and Tanglang mountains, the subdistrict comprises 72% of Futian's forest and mountain areas. Accessible green spaces abound for citizens to enjoy, from trekking routes along Meilin Reservoir to the scenic Meilin Greenway and the serene Meilin Park.