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Baguang River Ecological Park

City Park Opening Hours:7:00-19:00


Address:Northwest of the intersection of Haike Road and Huake Road, Baguang, Kuichong, Nan'ao Subdistrict, Dapeng New Area, Shenzhen

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Introduction to the Park Featured attractions

Baguang River Ecological Park is located at the side of Xixiang Road, Baguang in Dapeng New Area, occupying about 10.47 hectares, of which around 17,900 square meters are the water area. As a massively enjoyable destination, visitors could get a chance to take their time and enjoy the oxygen-enriched air. Based on the well-preserved wetland ecosystem, as well as the history and culture sourced from previous Baguang water areas, the park is divided into the water recreation area, science education and culture area, mangrove conservation area and trekking tour area, showcasing as an exemplary combination where entertainment, scientific knowledge, body fitness, and all outdoor experiences could be satisfied.

(1) Historic trees and temples

The park preserves old looking-glass mangroves (Heritiera littoralis) and three temples built in the former Baguang Village, namely the Wangye Temple, the Guandi Temple, and the Huaguang Temple, as well as a shrine of the Lan clan.

(2) Green water and red bridge

The red bridge has become a must-visit spot in the park for its chic appearance. The riverside pedestrian route meanders and introduces a water pool inward for extra leisure activities.