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Tiezai Mountain Park

City Park Opening Hours:6:00-19:00


Address:Northwest of Xixiang Flyover, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

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Tiezai Mountain Park is located west of Guangzhou-Shenzhen Highway in Xixiang Subdistrict and north of Bao'an Boulevard, covering a total area of 127 hectares. It stands as a beautiful ecological landscape within the city and boasts fresh air and is surrounded by negative oxygen ions, earning it the titles of "urban leisure oxygen bar" and "citizen fitness paradise."

Tiezai Mountain Park boasts a rich cultural and historical heritage, featuring many captivating mountain and forest landscapes. Areas such as Magnificent Cliff, Colorful Hill Gathering Fragrance, and Verdant Valley Tranquility offer the best vantage points for visitors. The views of the sea can be admired from the southwest, while to the southeast the evolving outlook of Bao'an District's central area unfolds. The Tiezai Mountain Ancient Tomb Cluster represents a three-dimensional museum, with a significant number of tombs dating back to the Eastern Jin Dynasty. This archaeological discovery is rare not only in Shenzhen but also in the entire southern region of China.