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Huilongpu Park

City Park Opening Hours:6:00-22:00

Tel: 28926514

Address:12 Changxing Road, Longcheng Subdistrict, Longgang District, Shenzhen

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Introduction to the Park Featured attractions

Huilongpu Park covers a total area of over 114,000 square meters, with Yanlong Boulevard on the north, Huilong Road on the south, Changxing Road on the east, and Xietong Road on the west. The park is a community park adjacent to nearby residential areas. Within the park, there are two parking lots to the west and north, two public toilets, 120 courtyard lights, as well as 118 lawn lights. The first children-friendly park in Longgang District was constructed in Huilongpu Park in 2020, and greening enhancements were made to the east and west gates during the same year. The park now serves as a multifunctional space for fitness, leisure, amusement and gatherings, making it the ideal choice for nearby residents, especially children, for recreation. 

East gate: On the left side of the east gate, five gold Chinese characters “回龙埔公园” are embedded on a marble surface. Ascending step by step from here, the children's playground and central square come into full view. 

West gate: In front of the west gate, there is a large lawn with a giant rock standing in the middle. The rock is engraved with eye-catching red characters “回龙埔公园.”

Children-friendly park: Covering an area of about 5,300 square meters, the children-friendly park is divided into five zones: terrace landscape area, play area, children's adventure area, fitness area, and pathway area. It features children-friendly facilities like climbing structures, swings, as well as sandpits and rest corridors for parents. 

Flower border in children's playground: The flower border is located on a small hill in the center of the children's playground. After soil improvement made before the May Day holiday in 2022, it has become a beautiful scenic spot with various flowers and herbs planted where citizens eagerly take photos. 

Water lily pond and Chinese rose garden: In the west corner of the central square, there is a 150-square-meter pond filled with water lilies. Additionally, three small Chinese rose gardens with various colors of roses also attract citizens for photo opportunities.