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Sanlian Suburban Park

City Park Opening Hours:24 hours


Address:Sanlian East Road, Sanlian Community, Jihua Subdistrict, Longgang District, Shenzhen

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Introduction to the Park Featured attractions

Sanlian Suburban Park spans Sanlian Community of Jihua Subdistrict and the Liaokeng area of Nanwan Subdistrict, Longgang District. Encompassing an area of 1.31 million square meters, the park boasts amenities such as a lakeside bike path, mountain greenway, leisure hiking trails for citizens, a skywalk, Dream Cloud Pavilion, a forest protection station, and other related facilities.

The main entrance plaza of the park spans approximately 6,940 square meters. The park's mountain and lakeside greenways are perfect destinations for jogging enthusiasts.

A skywalk extending over 1,000 meters provides a stunning view over a purple flower sea below. The revolving scenic platform, named Dream Cloud Pavilion, serves as an excellent vantage point for panoramic views. The sunlit lawn invites you to sit and enjoy the leisurely moments in the suburban environment, making it an ideal setting for camping, kite flying, soccer, and badminton with friends and family.