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Hongqiao Park

City Park Opening Hours:Park area: 6:00-22:00; Forest area: 6:00-19:00


Address:Intersection of Kelin Road and Chalin Road, Guangming District

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Introduction to the Park Featured attractions

Hongqiao Park, situated in the eastern part of Guangming District, Shenzhen, is a prominent landmark. Situated at the intersection of Kelin Road and Chalin Road in Guangming Subdistrict, the park starts from Guangming Xincheng Park in the west, connects with the Marathon Mountain-Lake Greenway (Dadingling Greenway) in the east, and faces the Gongming Reservoir in the north.

Covering an area of approximately 410 hectares, the park is divided into three distinct zones: the entrance area, the green lake area, and the forest area, which are seamlessly connected by a striking red bridge that spans around 4,000 meters from west to east.

The park is revered as the "Guangming Red Ribbon" thanks to its red bridge, which is surrounded by lush greenery. A complete round trip along this scenic route takes about two hours.

The red bridge spans 4 kilometers in length, 5 meters in width, and maintains an average height of 8 meters, making it the second-largest single-pillar, multi-curve scenic bridge in China.

Embracing a primary color scheme of Chinese red, the bridge interconnects various thematic spaces using inventive transportation elements such as spiral staircases, sloping roofs, and modern landscape towers. This architectural approach crafts a multi-dimensional landscape experience, giving rise to a crimson ribbon that guides individuals into the forest, intertwining with vitality, and gracefully navigating the verdant surroundings along the lake.

Gracefully following the natural contours of the undulating mountainous terrain, the bridge maintains a gentle slope of around 5%, ensuring that visitors can effortlessly traverse the entirety of the Rainbow Bridge.