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Baishilong Music Theme Park

City Park Opening Hours:6:30-23:00

Tel: 21010471

Address:200 meters southwest from the intersection of Xinqu Boulevard and Jinlong Road in Minzhi Subdistrict, Longhua District

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The Baishilong Music Theme Park benefits residents from various areas including the Baishilong, Minle and North Railway Station areas, among others. It forms an ecological corridor along with the planned North Railway Station Central Park, Yulong Park, and Danaoke Mountain Ecological Park. The Baishilong Music Theme Park consists of five functional zones: the main and secondary entrance area, music leisure area, interactive leisure area, sunny green area, and mountain leisure area. Each zone's design fully incorporates musical elements, with sculptures, pavements, benches, and landscape walls designed in the shape of musical symbols and instruments such as music staffs and violins.

Musical instrument art sculptures inspired by music staffs, violins, and other items.