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Songpingshan Park

City Park Opening Hours:6:00-23:00

Tel: 26555616

Address:125 Wushitou Road, Xili Subdistrict, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

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Introduction to the Park

Songpingshan Park began construction March 20, 2012, and was completed and opened to the public Oct. 30 of the same year. The park covers an area of 64,000 square meters and has facilities such as basketball courts, gateball courts, parking lots, public restrooms, and a visitor service center. It is divided into areas such as a lakeside leisure area, a litchi tree shade area, a children's activity area, a fitness equipment area, a sunken square, and a stage for community performances. The park's functionality combines sports facilities with leisure activities, emphasizing a cultural atmosphere of "youthful vitality." The vibrant and diverse corporate activities of nearby enterprise youth dormitories are also integrated into the park's culture.