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City attracted 230,000 talented people in 2021
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2022-01-12 09:01

Shenzhen was awarded the title of the best city for promoting employment at the China Best Employer Award 2021 held in December last year. In 2021 alone, Shenzhen attracted some 229,100 talents and accepted 90,300 fresh graduates, according to data released by the Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

“Shenzhen is surely the top choice for careers. Here in Shenzhen, there are loads of high-tech companies with huge potential for personal growth,” said a postgraduate student surnamed Fan, who studied microelectronics at Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported.

Another postgraduate degree holder surnamed Liu, who graduated from the University of Technology Sydney, also spoke highly of Shenzhen’s employment environment.

“China has more opportunities. I have already received an offer and will stay in Shenzhen, my favorite city,” said Liu, after getting an offer from a financial institution in the city.

Wang Maolin, co-partner of Shenzhen-based Standard Robots and second-prize winner of Shenzhen college students innovation and entrepreneurship competition in 2018, suggested that the competition had helped expand his companies’ exposure in many cases and successfully receive the first round of financing.

The financing boosted the company’s businesses. This year, the company earned a secured loan of 4 million yuan (US$627,600), Wang said. In recent years, a group of entrepreneurs like Wang came to Shenzhen to turn creative ideas into reality, the report said.

“I never thought I could become a management staffer,” said Yang Shili whose focus used to be her family with three children. In 2017, Yang became an assembly line worker. She received training on quality control and management later. Yang is a director managing six assembly lines in her company.

Shenzhen organized nearly 1.7 million trainings last year to promote employees’ vocational skills, the report said.