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Czech Republic advances with massive win over Brazil
From: FIBA
Updated: 2019-09-08 08:09

Bruno Caboclo (BRA-50) jumping into the air to catch the first opener ball. Photos by Liu Xudong

SHENZEN (China) - Czech Republic continued to surprise naysayers with a huge 93-71 victory over Brazil to improve their record to 3-1 in the Second Round of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019.

The Czechs outclassed their South American counterparts in a crucial game, putting a blemish to Brazil's record (3-1) and keep their own Quarter-Finals hopes alive.

The Czech Republic played brilliantly from start to finish, buoyed by their 56 percent shooting, and employed their size advantage brilliantly, outrebounding Brazil, 39-28.

"Another great game for us we shared the ball and we adjusted well and every game I say wow so I salute my players and my coaching staff. It's an amazing time for us, an amazing time for Czech Republic basketball."

Czech Republic head coach Ronen Ginzburg

I would like to congratulate the Czech Republic, they played a great game but looking from the Brazil side of the game our big problem is for the first time in this tournament we came to the game without energy. Maybe the accumulation of the games in Nanjing, maybe the trip. I was really surprised at any minute of the game we cannot respond to the Czech Republic's intensity and they dominated all aspects of the game. - Brazil head coach Aleksandar Petrovic