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Q&As about "30 Bailout Measures"
From: Shenzhen Foreign Affairs Office
Updated: 2022-04-14 10:04

Since the release of Shenzhen Bailout Measures for Market Entities on Coping with COVID-19 Pandemic (Referred to as “several measures”), we have collected a hundred questions and come up with the Q&As. Take a look!

#Reduce utility costs. Subsidize 10% of the water, electricity and piped natural gas bills payable by enterprises and individual businesses in April and May 2022. Continue water, electricity and gas supply for enterprises and individuals and businesses affected by the pandemic who failed to pay bills in April and May, the default fees incurred during this period will be reduced or waived after the application is approved. The property management department of each industrial park and commercial building shall transfer the full amount of subsidies to end users. Users in the industrial parks that have completed the switch to electricity supply will follow direct electricity supply tariff according to the policy, and the switch to electricity supply in industrial parks will be fully completed by the end of 2022. Irregular gas price hikes in urban villages shall be systematically rectified.

Which market entities are entitled to water subsidies?

Subsidies are implement by water supply enterprises to enterprises and individual businesses in Shenzhen who belongs to industrial, commercial, construction and special industry categories and pay water bills to water supply enterprises. Subsidies are implement by those who collect water bills to enterprises and individual businesses in Shenzhen who pay water bills to non-water supply enterprises.

#Subsidies for enterprises to sanitize and prevent the disease. Subsidize the expenditure of enterprise epidemic prevention materials and sanitation services for industry, accommodation and catering, wholesale and retail, cultural, sports and tourism, transportation and logistics, construction and other industries in accordance with the actual scale of enterprises operation.

What do the covid prevention materials and disinfection services contain?

Epidemic prevention materials mainly include medical surgical masks, disposable medical protective clothing, medical protective gloves, 75% alcohol, hand sanitizer, general hand sanitizer, disinfectant solution or disinfectant effervescent tablets, disinfectant spray cans, thermometers, etc. Disinfection services mainly include surface disinfection, indoor air disinfection and other services to kill the coronavirus in the workplace, transfer tools and other environments. Specific subsidies are subject to the subsequent announcement of the rules by authorities of each industry.

#Encourage industrial enterprises to expand scheduled production. Support industrial enterprises to increase production scheduling in the first half of the year and improve capacity utilization efficiency with the bottom line of epidemic prevention and control and safe production. Encourage large enterprises to integrate SMEs into the industrial chain and supply chain system through industrial ties, aggregation and incubation, upstream and downstream support, division of labor, open application scenarios, etc., and release product and service procurement plans to drive SMEs to optimize production and operation and improve product quality.

What support will be provided by government departments to help industrial enterprises increase production in the first half of the year?

The Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology has set up a special team to ensure the safety and stability of the industrial chain and supply chain, and actively help local enterprises coordinate production resumption of their upstream and downstream enterprises and other issues, to protect production as usual of the city's enterprises. Enterprises encountering problems and difficulties in production and operation can log on to the "Shenzhen i Enterprise"(深i企) platform to report.

#Fully support enterprises to expand investment. In accordance with the operating procedures of the enterprise technical transformation projects, enterprises investing in and completing such projects that have be included in statics of 2022 will be fully funded by the highest ratio under the same conditions, and the maximum funding for a single project is 50 million yuan. For the newly started advanced manufacturing major projects in 2022, they will be submitted to track support in accordance with the "one plan for each project".

What is the funding standard for the advanced manufacturing major project? 

The policy is aiming to support the newly started advanced manufacturing major projects in 2022, encourage enterprises to newly build key projects of advanced manufacturing in line with the development of Shenzhen industrial cluster, with advanced technology, green and low carbon and strong industry driving forces. Funds will be allocated by stages according to the size of the project investment. For the advanced manufacturing major projects with investment below 10 billion yuan (excluding the number) in Shenzhen, at most 50 million yuan can be funded, which shall be no more than 20% of the actual investment of the fixed assets of the project, according to relevant provisions of the Industrial Investment Project Support Plan by Shenzhen Industry and Information Technology Bureau. For advanced manufacturing major projects with investment more than 10 billion yuan in Shenzhen, special support policy will be made accordingly. 

#Reduce manufacturing tax burden. Continue to implement the policy of deferring the payment of some taxes and fees for small, medium and micro enterprises in the manufacturing industry. The period of deferral of some taxes and fees in the fourth quarter of 2021 will be extended by 6 months on the basis of the original 3 months. The payment of some taxes and fees for the first and second quarters of 2022 will be postponed, and you may enjoy the 6-month tax deferral by one click at Electronic Taxation Bureau. According to the provincial deployment, a certain proportion of financial subsidies will be given to the payment part of the basic endowment insurance for employees by small and low-profit enterprises in the manufacturing industry.

What types of insurance are covered by the social insurance subsidy? Are the individual contributions subsidized?

The scope of social insurance premium subsidy only includes the part paid by the enterprise for basic endowment insurance, and does not include the individual employee's contribution, nor does it include local supplementary endowment insurance, work-related injury insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, or maternity insurance.

What companies can enjoy the social insurance subsidy? How to apply? 

Small and low-profit enterprises in the manufacturing industry in our city can enjoy a certain proportion of financial subsidies for the basic endowment insurance paid by enterprises. At present, the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, the Provincial Department of Finance, and the Guangdong Provincial Taxation Bureau are in accordance with the Notice of the General Office of the Guangdong Provincial People's Government on Printing and Distributing Policies and Measures to Further Support the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Individual Industrial and Commercial Households in Guangdong Province (Guangdong Government General Office [2022] No. 6), and specific implementation measures are being formulated to clarify the classification standards, subsidy ratio, subsidy application and distribution methods for small and low-profit manufacturing enterprises. After the provincial implementation measures are promulgated, our city will organize and implement them in a timely manner in accordance with the provincial deployment.