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Double ninth festival
From: Shenzhen Government Online
Updated: 2018-11-20 18:11

The Double Ninth Festival was observed Wednesday with various activities organized to mark the traditional holiday paying tribute to the seniors in China. Traditionally, people scale mountains on the Double Ninth Festival, which falls on the ninth day of the ninth month on the Chinese lunar Calendar. The Wutong Mountain Mountaineering Competition was held Oct. 12 to mark the festival.

Participants run at the 2018 Wutong Mountain Mountaineering Competition on Oct. 12.Photos by Sun Yuchen

Senior residents pose for a photo while hiking on Lianhua Hill in Lianhua Hill Park on Wednesday, the Double Ninth Festival, a traditional holiday to pay tribute to seniors in China.

Residents hike to Lianhua Hill on Wednesday.

Participants pose for a group photo before the Wutong Mountain Mountaineering Competition.

Residents receive honors for their contributions to the development of the city’s mountaineering cause at an award ceremony Tuesday.

Bian Qi runs toward the finishing line of the Wutong Mountain Mountaineering Competition on Oct. 12. Bian won the men’s title, clocking 30 minutes and 48 seconds.

Senior residents sing while an elderly man plays the erhu in Lianhua Hill Park.