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Zhaoshang Subdistrict Management and Service Center for Expats
From: Nanshan District
Updated: 2022-06-22 09:06

Zhaoshang Subdistrict Management and Service Center for Expats (formerly known as the Shekou Net Valley Management and Service Center for Expats) was established in July 2018 by Zhaoshang Subdistrict Office, and is located on the first floor of Block B, Technology Building II, Shekou Net Valley, Zhaoshang Subdistrict, Nanshan District.

Adhering to the concept of “Openness, Inclusiveness, Diversity and Sharing,” the center bases its work on “Shekou Net Valley” park, influencing the entire Zhaoshang Subdistrict and providing a “one-stop” comprehensive service platform for expats. As a bridge and a bond between the government and foreign friends, the center is committed to promoting co-governance, co-construction, sharing and integration in the international talent community construction.

Introduction to Services

1) Administrative services such as temporary residence registration and work permit application

The center provides foreign residents with more than 20 foreign-related handling and consultation services in 2 major categories involving Temporary Residence Registration, Foreigner’s Work Permit, Application for Reporting Loss of Passport, Visa Application and Registration for Foreign-related Establishments. It is also China’s first sub-district level office for the Foreigner’s Work Permit.

2) Services provided for foreign-related enterprises and international schools

The center provides comprehensive services for foreign-related enterprises, international schools and foreign employees in Zhaoshang Sub-district, including visa consultation, foreign-related legal aid, policy announcements and official guidance.

3) Translation and Chinese learning platform

The center provides basic translation services such as interpretation in social insurance registration for foreign employees at the Government and Enterprise Service Hall, and a Chinese learning platform for foreign residents, helping to solve communication problems caused by language barriers.

4) Mediation of foreign-related disputes

The center assists the community office in mediation of foreign-related disputes, taking advantage of the language and cultural background to identify the causes, and facilitating the communication between the parties effectively to resolve the issues and eliminate the contradiction.

5) Organization of cultural exchange activities

The center organizes and carries out friendship activities for Chinese and foreign residents, thus promoting multicultural exchanges and integration, and enhancing the sense of pride, happiness and responsibility of international friends living in Zhaoshang Subdistrict.


Infographics provided by Zhaoshang Subdistrict Management and Service Center for Expats

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