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Shenzhen International Block

With the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the pilot demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the internationalization of Shenzhen has entered a new stage. As early as 2019, Shenzhen issued the Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Construction of International Blocks to Enhance Shenzhen’s International Level, putting forward the concept of “international blocks” and attaching great importance to it. Afterwards, Shenzhen started to promote the construction of an international block network, providing support for exploring high-quality construction of an international city and enhancing the governance capacity and international influence of a megacity.

After more than three years of exploration and construction, the first batch of 20 qualified international blocks have achieved remarkable advancements in optimizing public space design, building foreign-related service teams, optimizing the international languages environment and promoting cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. In response to adapting to local conditions, the unique characteristics of each block are identified and the international block models with their own characteristics and development are set.

In order to evaluate the achievements of the first batch of international blocks in a more scientific and objective way, in 2022, the Shenzhen Foreign Affairs Office, on the basis of referring to relevant standards and norms at home and abroad and soliciting opinions, compiled the Evaluation Guide for the Construction of International Blocks in Shenzhen. It documents the establishment of the evaluation system for the construction of international blocks with Shenzhen characteristics to drive the comprehensive advancement of Shenzhen’s internationalization.

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