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From: Transport Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality
Updated: 2022-12-06 17:12

The "two wings, six areas, three main ports" pattern of Shenzhen Port will be implemented in the future. "Two wings" refers to the east and west port groups and "six areas" refers to the Yantian and Dapeng port areas in the east and the Nanshan, Dachan Bay, Dachan Island, Xiaochan Island and Bao'an port areas in the west. The "three main ports" refers to Yantian Port, Nanshan Port and Dachan Bay Port, which focus on container transportation and reflect the core competitiveness of Shenzhen Port.

Based on different resource conditions, development potential and the overall urban planning, the division of functions for each port area is as follows.

Nanshan Port: Relying on container shipment to develop modern logistics, Nanshan Port is an important part of the main container line ports. It is a multifunctional port integrated with the capacity of docking cruise, handling tourists, shipping bulk and cargo, and repairing and building ships.

Dachan Bay Port: Danchan Bay Port is an important part of the main container line ports and develops modern logistics with the help of container shipment.

Dachan Island and Xiaochan Island Ports: Dachan Island Port and Xiaochan Island Port mainly engage in the shipment of petroleum products and liquid chemicals.

Bao'an Port: Bao'an Port mainly functions in bulk and cargo shipment and passenger transportation. It also moderately develops barge transportation.

Yantian Port: As an important part of the main container line ports, Yantian Port relies on container shipment to develop modern logistics.

Dapeng Port: Dapeng Port, which mainly transports petroleum products, liquid chemicals and liquefied gas, is the eastern base of energy storage and transportation of Shenzhen Port. In addition, it also serves for aquatic tourism and passenger transportation.