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Hospitals in Guangming
From: Guangming District
Updated: 2021-02-19 17:02

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenzhen Hospital 中国科学院大学深圳医院(光明) 

The hospital was formed by the 60-year-old Guangming People's Hospital, Guangming District Central Hospital and 38 community health service centers.

It is estimated that in 2020, it will become a large-scale comprehensive medical institution with four hospital areas, one clinical medical school, one transformation college, 60 community service stations, and 3,000 hospital beds.

The hospital is particularly strong in gastroenterology, cardiology, otorhinolaryngology, and cardiothoracic surgery.

Add: 4253 Songbai Road, Gongming Subdistrict Office, Guangming District (深圳市光明区公明街道松白路4253号)

Tel: (86-755) 27166030