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Hospitals in Nanshan
From: Nanshan District
Updated: 2021-02-19 17:02

Huazhong University of Science and Technology Union Shenzhen Hospital 深圳市南山区华中科技大学协和深圳医院(Previously known as Nanshan People's Hospital)

This hospital is a comprehensive modern hospital that integrates medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and disease prevention in Nanshan District. It has departments of internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatric, pain relief, TCM, rehabilitation, stomatology and otolaryngology, etc.

Tel: (86-755) 26553111

Add: 89 Taoyuan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen (深圳市南山区桃园路89号)

Metro: Line 1, Taoyuan Station (桃园站), Exit C; Line 11, Nanshan Station, Exit H (Walk around 800 meters)

Buses: Line 36, 58, 122, 204, 223, 226, 331, 332, 337, 382, B796, M182, M206, M242, M343, M349, M372, M453, M492, M562, get off at No. 6 Hospital or East of No. 6 Hospital (市六医院或市六医院东站)bus stop

Shekou People's Hospital 深圳市南山区蛇口人民医院

The hospital is one of the main choices for expats and Hong Kong and Macao residents in Shenzhen. The hospital is equipped with staff speaking foreign languages and is particularly strong in endocrinology, cardiovascular, hemodialysis, TCM, urology, stomatology, general medicine, otolaryngology, gastroenterology, and general surgery (obesity and metabolic disease surgery).

Tel: (86-755) 21606999

Add: 36 Industrial Road 7, Nanshan District, Shenzhen (深圳市南山区工业七路36号)

Metro: Line 2, Suiwan Station (水湾站), Exit C and then take a taxi

Buses: Line 79, 80, 113, 122,328,m133,m241, m448, m484, m527, express bus line 123, Qianhai line 8, get off at Shekou People’s Hospital bus stop.

Southern University of Science and Technology Hospital 南方科技大学医院(Previously known as Xili People's Hospital)

Southern University of Science and Technology Hospital is a public hospital invested by Nanshan District People’s Government and run by Southern University of Science and Technology. Founded in 1985, it was named Southern University of Science and Technology in May 2018. Covering 24,000 square meters, it has 586 hospital beds. Phase II construction of the hospital already started, and the hospital will have 1,200 hospital beds when the project completes. The hospital now has more than 900 staff members, treating 710,000 outpatients and 17,000 inpatients annually. The hospital has 30 clinics and 13 medical technology departments. The departments of gynaecology and obstetrics and orthopaedics are particularly strong.

Tel: (86-755) 25232188

Add: 6019 Liuxian Boulevard, Nanshan District, Shenzhen (深圳市南山区留仙大道6019号)

Metro: Lines 5 and 7, Xili Station (西丽站), Exit A

Buses: Line 122, 233,235,237,54,797,B708,M385,M429,M488,93


Nanshan Maternal & Child Health-care Hospital 南山区妇幼保健院

Founded in 1986, the hospital is a professional maternal and child health-care institution that serves more than 2 million people. It has 300 hospital beds. There are 28 departments and eight wards. It treats more than 760,000 outpatients and more than 10,000 inpatients annually. Around 7,000 children are born in the hospital every year.

Tel: (86-755) 878500880-10126, 26566646 (customer service)

Add: 1 Wanxia Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen (深圳市南山区蛇口湾厦路1号)

Metro: Line 2, Dongjiaotou Station (东角头站), Exit D

Buses: 22、37、79、m241、m519、m484, get off at Nanshan Maternal & Child Health-care Hospital stop. (南山妇幼保健院站)

Nanshan Center for Chronic Disease Control 深圳市南山区慢性病防治院

It is a professional institution for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. It is responsible for the prevention and treatment of chronic infectious diseases (pulmonary tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, syphilis, leprosy) and chronic noncommunicable diseases (hypertension, diabetes, malignant tumors, stroke, oral diseases and accidental injuries), as well as mental illness control, epidemic treatment, health education, disease monitoring, medical research, and psychological crisis intervention.

Tel: (86-755) 26403300, 26648381

Add: 7 Huaming Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen (深圳市南山区华明路7号)

Metro Line 2, Dengliang Station (登良站), Exit D

Buses: Line 113,K113,204,K204,105,K105,331,210,217,329,74,80, get off at Nanyou Dasha stop (南油大厦站)

Line M206, B605, 22, 226, 229, M105, M398, M409, M418, M506, M507, get off at Nanmen Yifang bus stop (南门一坊站)

Line 19, 31, 322, 334, 72, J1, get off at Houhai Road bus stop (后海路站)