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Whittle School & Studios
From: Shenzhen Daily
Updated: 2022-07-01 16:07

"We are creating an extraordinary and unique school, the first truly modern institution serving children from age three to 18 and the first global one. We want to change for the better the lives of those students who attend and, beyond our own campuses,

contribute to the cause of education on every continent. We measure our merit not through the narrowness of exclusivity but through the breadth of our impact."

At Whittle School & Studios, we believe that education is more than just time spent in a classroom - it encompasses everything students experience during their time with us.

A key part of the way we consider student experience is the physical space of the school, the “where” of our vision.

Schools are often referred to in a series of nouns: classrooms, hallways, desks, chairs, etc. Instead, we’ve approached our design by first thinking about verbs: what our students will be doing as they learn: making, researching, collaborating, inventing, storytelling, and presenting. In articulating our verbs, we place a high value on design.

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